6 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Breakfast Nook

Breakfast tastes better in a nook! No matter how you do breakfast – from sharing pancakes with the whole family to enjoying a quiet morning coffee – a breakfast nook should be a comfortable and welcoming part of your home.

Breakfast nooks come in many different forms. Some are booths or dining banquettes, but it can even be a simple table and chairs. One thing’s for sure; you can make any breakfast area a comfy spot in your home. Here are a few tips to making the most out of your breakfast nook:

breakfast nook

1. You might need to borrow space

Not all kitchens have room for a breakfast nook. Need a little more square footage to create your perfect breakfast booth? Consider borrowing space from other areas.

Do you have extra space in the areas adjacent to your kitchen to push the nook out a few feet? A separate eating area outside of the kitchen also provides a place to relax that is out of the cook’s way, giving them room to work in the kitchen.

warm colour schemeImage Credit

2. Warm up your colour palette

The right colour palette can work wonders for making your breakfast space as warm and cozy as possible. Trying choosing warm paint colours in the kitchen to make the space feel inviting, as well as energizing.

Need ideas for pairs or trios of warm and cozy colour palletes? Try some of BHG’s suggested colour combinations for your breakfast area:

  • Daffodil and Cherrywood
  • Khaki and butter
  • Navy and pumpkin
  • Eggplant and sage
  • Khaki, chocolate, and gold
  • Honey gold and greige
  • Ginger, white, and mocha
  • Sunny yellow, mahogany, and persimmon
  • Cocoa and moss
  • Brick and beige
  • Burnt orange, navy, robin’s-egg blue

But remember: keep your colour palette simple. Too many colours can be distracting. They can also make your kitchen and breakfast nook appear and feel smaller, according to Southern Living.

cozy lighting

3. Go for cozy lighting

Lighting is key in any room, but it’s essential for creating a warm and comfy breakfast area.

Corner lamps are a great option. A single overhead light can be harsh. That’s why Millstrand Co. suggests a lamp to emanate light from the corner of your breakfast space for a relaxed feel. Consider freestanding lamps in the corner to keep things cozy.

stocked table

4. Keep the tabletop stocked up

Keep your essentials in easy reach. Restaurants keep salt, pepper, and napkins permanently on their tables. You can adopt the same idea for your nook by keeping condiments and other essential items. Just make sure not to invade on elbow room space!

To keep these items out of the way but still handy you can store them on top of a cake stand. This is also an opportunity to add some fun accents.

update chairs

5. Give your chairs a face-lift

Chairs can make or break the vibe of your breakfast nook. But you don’t need to buy fancy new furniture to amp up the cozy-factor. You can revive old chairs you already have in the house to use in your dining nook. Even second-hand dining chairs can look brand new if you have the right tools. All you need are new cushions and a graphic fabric.  

Here’s how to update each chair quickly, according to Southern Living: start by unscrewing the seat from the bottom of the chair. Next, remove the old fabric. Lay the new fabric on the flat surface with the wrong side up and place the seat on top of that. Then fold down the fabric on one side and stapling it from the middle out. Pull the fabric taut and smooth out any wrinkles before stapling the fabric on the opposite side. Repeat until the fabric is attached entirely around the chair. Lastly, reattach the chair to the seat.

add texture

6. Texture, texture, texture

When creating a warm space, texture is everything. This includes your breakfast area. Adding texture doesn’t just mean adding blankets and pillows of different fabrics. Think about your all décor and window hangings. You could try try pairing woven plate hangings with textured window shades, or a rug with a pop of colour. Don’t forget about bright furniture to complete the look in your breakfast nook.

Stain-resistant fabrics are great for the kitchen where spills and messes are inevitable. Either have fabrics custom treated to be stain-resistant or choose from a range of available outdoor fabrics you can in stores and online.

No matter what you choose for décor, don’t forget to stay true to your style to personalize your kitchen dining and breakfast nook.

Wondering what designs or style would work best for your kitchen? Book a consultation or visit a Kitchen & Bath Classics near you for inspiration and to find the perfect pieces for your home.

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