7 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen

Kitchens have the tendency to share some common characteristics such as a refrigerator, sink and stove. But sometimes, you do not want your home to look like every other one on in the neighbourhood. How can you customize your kitchen design? Here are some simple ways to personalize your kitchen without breaking the bank.

If you want to create a kitchen that stands apart from the crowd, consider one of these five strategies:

7 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen - Add a Kitchen Island

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1. The centre of your kitchen

Islands are the centre of any kitchen’s universe. This added space gives your home a spot for your family to socialize, whether eating a meal together or preparing your favourite dishes. Not only is the social aspect a plus, the addition of a kitchen island adds more storage space and seating options for guests.

As HGTV suggests, islands can offer different uses such as an added workspace for you to prepare meals. If you have a use for a kitchen island, it can add so much value to your kitchen layout.

7 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen - Add Some Colour

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2. Add some colour

Sometimes all you need to add to get some extra character in a room is a pop of colour. While neutrals are a current kitchen trend, some well-placed colour can add interesting contrast to the room. Brightening up the walls will help modernize your cooking space.

A simple colour change can be all it takes to make your space bigger and brighter. The colours you choose will influence the tone of the kitchen. By breaking out those brushes, you can very simply revamp a room with colour.

7 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen - Dress Up Your Faucet

Brizo faucet, available at Kitchen & Bath Classics Showrooms

3. Dress up your faucet

When you think of conversation starters, your faucet may not be the first thing that comes to mind. An interesting faucet at your sink can influence the feel of your room and attract the attention of your guests. Gone are the days when you were stuck with whatever piece came with your house. Faucets are available in many shapes, sizes and colours. You can find anything from simple to decorative options, and everything between.

Faucets are a small and inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen. When shopping for a new faucet, keep an eye out for unique designs that can add a personalized feel for your space. Check out this blog post to help you choose which type of faucet will be best in your kitchen. To see a wide variety of choices, visit your local Kitchen & Bath Classics showroom.

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7 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen - Cupboard and Cabinet Essentials

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4. Cupboard and cabinet essentials

Kitchen cupboards and cabinets do not have to be boring. When think about replacing your cupboards, think about the look you want to achieve. Some times all your cupboards need is a simple paint job. Other times, you may want to completely remove your current cupboards and start from scratch.

For example, Better Homes and Gardens suggest that covered door swap outs can give your kitchen that customized touch you want. It’s a simple and easy change to make if you are looking for to personalize your kitchen.

7 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen - Play Up Your Lighting

Eurofase Lighting, available at select Kitchen & Bath Classics Showrooms

5. Play up your lighting

If a single feature will attract attention in your kitchen, it will likely be your lighting. When it comes to lighting, the world is your oyster. From layered lighting to accent lighting, you can choose a style that suits your space best. Adding a new lighting fixture or opening a window can add depth to your kitchen.

After all, the source of light in your room by definition is anything but subtle. Instead of standard overhead options, consider a statement piece. Try opting for a modern chandelier or a unique lamp, this will add character to the space. For more kitchen lighting tips, check out this blog post.

7 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen - Add a Conversation Piece

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6. Add a conversation piece

The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in any home and should be consistent with the look of all other rooms. By adding a conversation piece, that flows with the theme of your decor, you can add that personalized touch in your kitchen. From a beautiful bouquet of flowers or an unique piece of art, these items can add that extra warm touch.

7 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen - Mix Traditional and Modern

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7. Mix traditional and modern

Kitchen designs and trends are constantly changing, but that does not mean that you have to change your kitchen style completely. If you love a certain trend that is not a current trend, try to incorporate it with a modern spin.

For instance, HGTV offers an idea of how to use traditional kitchen ideas in a modern kitchen design. Adding vintage patterns and stainless steel products is an example of how to blend the two styles. It's all about compromise!

By making one or all these changes, your guests will be sure to feel your added touch in your kitchen. If you're ready to customize your kitchen design, head to a Kitchen and Batch Classics showroom for some more ideas.
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