How to Create a DIY Mirror Frame for Your Bathroom

Whether you are brushing your teeth or fixing your hair, you probably find yourself frequently making use of this bathroom essential: a bathroom mirror. Everyone has a mirror in the bathroom—no washroom is complete without it. But, sometimes we tend to skate by with whatever mirror frames or plain mirrors our home came with, even if it is just a lone reflective sheet stuck up on the wall.

Tired of your boring old bathroom mirror? Adding a new frame is easier than you think! Just follow these simple steps to create a fresh look in no time with a DIY mirror frame:

Choose a style

Before you start your DIY mirror frame project, it’s important to give some thought to the style of mirror that you want to end up with. Are you looking for a more natural look? Raw wood with a stain may be the way to go. If you want something more sophisticated, many hardware stores sell finished trim that make framing easy.

How to Create a DIY Mirror Frame for Your Bathroom - Measure your mirror

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Measure your mirror

Once you have decided on the material that you want for your frame, pull out a measuring tape and write down the length and width of the mirror. Take the numbers with you to the hardware store to make sure you buy the appropriate amount of materials.

Don’t forget to measure that area between the edge of your mirror and the adjacent wall. If you only have five centimetres between the top of the glass and the ceiling, for instance, you should not plan to create a 10 centimetre frame.

Choose your mirror and wood

You don’t need a super fancy mirror for this DIY project, after all, you’ll be putting on your own frame anyway. Make use of an old mirror or pick up a basic or cheap mirror. Then, remove the frame and backing, leaving just the mirror itself.

For the mirror frame, choose the wood you think will best match your bathroom look and feel. For instance, you can use rustic wood or even cheap fence pickets, which are rough cut, giving them lots of character. If you want a more distressed look, use tools such as a hammer, nail setter, or hand saw and make random marks over the wood before painting it.

Find your supplies

Along the materials for the wooden frame itself, you will need a number of other supplies on hand to do the job well. The Home Depot blog suggested purchasing Liquid Nails adhesive to attach the frame to the wall, paintable caulking to fill the cracks and a level to make sure that you hang the frame evenly.

Additionally, don’t forget the basics. Momtastic suggests gathering the following tools and supplies before getting to work on your DIY mirror frame for your bathroom:

  • Miter saw
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Caulk
  • Liquid nails and caulk gun
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape

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Prepare the area

Now that you have all the supplies you will need for the project, prepare a work space in an area that has good ventilation. If you want to work outdoors, make sure that you will not be interrupted by rain or wind. Laying down paper wherever you choose will help protect your work surface.

Cut the wood to length (if necessary)

This step is necessary if you didn’t purchase wood already the exact size to your mirror. Using a miter saw, cut the wood to the correct lengths, making sure all the edges will be flush.

Paint or stain your wood trim

If you are starting with wood, you will need to paint your trim before it can be pieced together. Because the bathroom is such a humid area, Home Depot recommended priming both sides before you add any colour. After letting the back dry for at least a couple of hours, turn the pieces over and start on the top side.

Quick tip: Make sure you paint the back of the molding near the top edge after cutting it. This way, you won't see the unfinished back in the mirror's reflection when the molding is put in place.

How to Create a DIY Mirror Frame for Your Bathroom - Combine the mirror frame

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Combine the frame

Depending on the size of your mirror, you may want to combine the entire frame or at least segments of it, before attaching it to the wall. After gluing the components together, HGTV recommended waiting 12 hours before moving on to installation of the frame. Use caulking to fill in any gaps.

Install the frame

Once your frame has completely dried, it is time to put it up on the wall. You should start with the top piece. Apply adhesive to the wall and gently press the frame to the glue. To secure the piece in place while the adhesive dries, HGTV suggested using strips of clean-release tape.

Touch up as needed

Finally, apply touch-up paint over any caulking you used or in places that were scraped during the installation process.

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