5 Alarming Signs it's Time to Hire a Plumber

While you may have picked up a few plumbing tips over the years and you’re a handy homeowner, for the most part, there are some situations that require professional help. If you think you need a plumber but aren’t certain, check out the five signs below before you contact nearby plumbers.


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1. The water pressure is low or has unexpectedly decreased

The water pressure in a kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet can sometimes lessen due to a build up in the faucet’s aerator. If you experience low water pressure because of this, the problem can usually be fixed by screwing off the aerator. Next, clean off any residue, and screw the aerator back into place on the faucet. However, is water pressure in your kitchen or bathroom sink unexpectedly decreases or cleaning the aerator doesn’t fix a low water pressure issue, you could have a more serious problem for which you would need to hire a plumber.

A sudden drop in water pressure is a definite sign that you have a problem with the plumbing system in your home, American Plumbing Services says. In some cases, you may have a fractured pipe, an eroded waterline, or a water leak in the system. You shouldn’t try to remedy any of these issues by yourself. Not only will finding the cause in a drop in water pressure in your home be challenging but fixing the problem itself will also likely be too difficult for an average homeowner.

Instead of trying to fix this on your own, call a plumber to have them take a look at the issue with your water pressure.


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2. Your water is a rusty colour

Rust-coloured water coming out of sinks or showers in your home means it’s time to hire a plumber. Rust indicates the presence of iron in your water, according to American Plumbing Services. While rust-coloured water is usually considered safe for drinking and use, rusty water generally means that some pipes in your home need to be replaced. In other instances, rusty water may indicate a problem with the safety of the water. You don’t want to take any chances.


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3. Soggy patches appear in the yard

If it hasn’t rained recently, yet soggy, wet patches have appeared in your yard or on your lawn, call a plumber. Extra-green patches of grass in your yard can indicate a problem as well. Unexplained puddles can be a sign of a plumbing problem within your home.

If you experience either a soggy lawn or extra-green patches in the yard, your first step should be to check to make sure your drip irrigation system isn’t leaking in that location—if you have a drip irrigation system. If not, there may be a leaking line such as a water or sewer line underground. In both cases, you’ll need to ask a plumber to come over and take a look.


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4. You smell a sulphur or sewage odour

If you smell rotten eggs in your home, this is a sign you need a plumber. You might have a broken vent or even a broken sewer pipe underneath of your home. Even if you’re hit with these odors suddenly, you need to take quick action. If you leave broken vents or pipes unchecked and unfixed, they can cause environmental issues and create major problems with your foundation.


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5. You smell gas

Smelling gas is an immediate sign you need to hire a plumber, and more.

"If you smell gas at any time—when you are in a particular room, when you run the dryer, when you're in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner, or even if you're outside—don't ignore it," Janet O'Dea, owner of Powers Plumbing in San Diego told Realtor.com. "The scent that is added to natural gas is to alert you that there is a gas leak somewhere."

In this situation, before you call a plumber, immediately call your utility company. Next, open your windows. It’s also crucial that you don’t use any appliances in your home. Turning on lights can cause a spark that could potentially ignite a natural gas explosion.

"Taking immediate action is vital," O'Dea says. "If you have a gas leak, the gas company will shut off your gas and lock your meter so you won't be able to use your appliances until you get the system repaired—but in doing so, you may have saved your life. It's that serious."

To ensure you keep a family-friendly kitchen and the rest of your home safe and comfortable for everyone inside, pay attention to the signs above and hire a plumber when necessary. Then, whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or simply replacing a kitchen sink, stop by a Kitchen & Bath Classics showroom. Our industry professionals can work with you to help you create your ideal home that stays in your budget.

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